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Growing Australia’s digital workforce

Pilot boosts consideration of digital careers by 29%

Awareness and pathways

Every young Australian has been born into the age of the Internet, PCs and smartphones. Despite this, many don’t think of a career as a digital professional or know where to start.

Therefore, the DSO ran a pilot for young Australians aged between 17 and 24 to showcase what it is like to have a career as a digital professional.

Run in partnership with school leaver service Year13 and presented through a series of online courses and social content, it equipped young people with the knowledge required to pursue a career as a digital professional.

The program resulted in a rise of 29% in the consideration of digital careers, from 27% to 56%, amongst the 4,200 participants. In addition, 95% of the participants reported their understanding of digital careers and of the technology sector had improved somewhat or significantly.


“It [DigiSkills] taught me there are multiple pathways and digital skills can actually involve more than just software and programming.”

21 year-old participant
Queensland Metropolitan


“This DigiSkills Academy course greatly impacted my understanding of the industry, as before I was uneducated and quite stagnant to the concept of working in the digital industry.”

16 year-old participant 

Victoria, metropolitan

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