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Growing Australia’s digital workforce

North star guides the way to digital skills for all

Relevance and transferability of skills

The Australian Digital Inclusion Alliance and DSO have joined forces with industry, community, training providers, government and unions to establish a single benchmark for the skills required to be digitally capable.

The term ‘digital literacy’ means different things to different people, and currently, there is no widely accepted standard to unify around.

A simple national benchmark that defines what it means to be digitally capable will provide the ‘North Star’ to close the nation’s digital literacy gap by identifying learning pathways for individual cohorts to reach the benchmark.

This will help to inspire all Australians to get the digital skills needed to fully participate in the community, the workforce and in all aspects of life.

“Our vision is an Australia where everyone is equipped to meaningfully participate in the economy and society. Our partnership with DSO takes us towards a national common language around digital capability, and a shared understanding of what it means to have the essential digital capabilities to engage online, access services and opportunities.”

Ishtar Vij
Convenor, Australian Digital Inclusion Alliance

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