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Growing Australia’s digital workforce

Networks of Digital Excellence support RTOs

Improving training delivery

A key objective is to make it easier for registered training organisations (RTOs) to deliver relevant digital and technology skills training. To do this the DSO partnered with Generation Australia (GA), an education to employment provider.

The goal was to create a formal process for the DSO’s future pilot projects with RTOs. This meant bringing together GA’s experiences with the activities, outputs and lessons learned from the DSO’s completed projects.

Six RTOs trialed the method and process as part of a course to teach people how to be a threat operations analyst or a software developer. It was also used by a large organisation upskilling customer facing staff.

Based on the trials and RTO feedback, GA has supported the evolution and expansion of the process into Networks of Digital Excellence (NoDEs), to support RTOs delivering employer-led skills-based approaches. Plans are now in place to scale NoDEs to support RTOs and surface agile and adaptable forms of training.

“We are part of a global network of Generation affiliates, which have created employment pathways for 70,000 people around the world. We see a lot of different training approaches and are confident that Networks of Digital Excellence can become a class leading capability which bring value to RTOs.”

Malcolm Kinns
CEO, Generation Australia

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