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Growing Australia’s digital workforce

Microcredentials improve completion and employment rates

Improving training delivery

A pilot with three different training organisations confirmed how microcredentials can improve completion and employment rates.

The goal was to prepare learners to get a job as a data analyst. The pilot involved selecting, training, and connecting learners to jobs.

Three types of training providers were engaged to identify best practice across each type of training provider: a public Technical and Further Education (TAFE) provider and a private provider (both registered training organisations), and a non-registered private provider. Employers were engaged to support the delivery of courses by adding in microcredentials that met their skill needs.

Out of 120 participants, 86 percent completed the program, and 63 percent secured employment.

Success was attributed to the use of aptitude tests to guide participants’ digital skills development, personalised training, employer participation, and linking training providers’ funding to completion and employment outcomes.

“We’re seeing a massive need for data analytics skills and piloted a mature cohort and an Indigenous cohort. Some people were hired even before the course ended. The intensity of the course meant that some people already working couldn’t attend, so we have now developed a more flexible option to make it easier for people with a full-time job to upskill.”

Melanie Redding
Chief Operations Officer, Goanna Education

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