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Growing Australia’s digital workforce

Exemplar: tafecyber

Improving training delivery

A consortium of 11 TAFEs are working together to provide students with the most needed technical skills and knowledge for a career in cyber security.
Called TAFEcyber, the consortium is led by National Chair, Julia Burns MBA, and supported by key government and industry partners including AustCyber and Ionize.

A unique benefit of the consortium lies in its ability to access the cyber security training environments of every TAFE involved to replicate realistic attack scenarios, developed by a private sector company.

As well as technical components, students focus on responding to critical incidents and aspects relating to forensics, communications and legal and privacy concerns. Lecturers also go through the same scenarios in advance.

Students work from state-of-the-art Cyber Security Operations Training Centres, providing them with the capability to learn on equipment that is widely used within the industry, giving them relevant job-ready skills and cyber security qualifications. The current completion to employment rate is 100 percent.

In line with the nature of cyber attacks, TAFEcyber is now looking to extend the collaboration overseas to enable training for responding to multi-country attacks.

“Cyber security is always changing, so it’s one of the toughest areas to train for. By collaborating with TAFEs across the country we have created a network of digital excellence with single shared information sources, professional development opportunities for lecturers and valuable realistic cyber scenarios. Working together also means we have a fantastic pool of expertise we can draw on to regularly review and update course materials.”

Julia Burns MBA
Executive Director South Metropolitan TAFE,

National Chair TAFEcyber

“I won two national championships during my time as an Advanced Diploma of Cyber Security student. This is only possible because of the tremendous amount of support from the lecturers and I will be forever grateful for that. The hands-on experience that I have gained throughout my time at South Metropolitan TAFE has been very helpful for my learning journey. I would highly recommend everyone to consider TAFE as a study pathway.

Daniella Surya, student

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