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Growing Australia’s digital workforce

Exemplar: infosys springboard

Improving training delivery

A global leader in next-generation digital services and consulting, Infosys, is leading a global initiative as part of its Environmental, Social and Governance vision to empower over 10 million people with digital skills by 2025.

In Australia, as part of its corporate social responsibility program, Infosys has extended its next generation, digital learning platform, Infosys Springboard, to empower people, communities, and society with skills to be successful.

In collaboration with Tennis Australia, Infosys is helping nurture the next generation of leaders in the Australian community as part of the Future Leaders program in Victoria. Year 10 and 11 students from metropolitan Melbourne and regional Victoria can access digital learning enabled by Infosys Springboard. Through a customised version of the platform, program beneficiaries can learn transferable skills in areas such as inclusion, marketing, leadership, technology and design thinking.

Infosys’ Springboard program covers a wide range of digital skills, including leadership, data analytics, cloud computing, and cyber security. The vision for Infosys’ CSR program in Australia is to create pathways to learning and education among diverse communities by enabling inclusive education, digital learning, and engaging experiences.

“We are delighted to partner with Infosys on the Tennis Victoria Future Leaders program. The young people that come through our clubs have so much potential and it’s wonderful to be able to give them a platform via Infosys Springboard to develop their leadership skills.”

Adam Crameri

CEO, Tennis Victoria

“Infosys’s Springboard platform is designed to help enable digital skills among diverse groups in Australia. Our partnership with Tennis Australia and Tennis Victoria is helping advance important leadership and digital skills among year 10 and year 11 students via Infosys’s state of the art digital learning platform.”

Ashok Mysore
Vice President, Infosys

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